Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why I'm awesome

It's funny. Life has never been so complicated, but my self-esteem has never been this high. Why? Could be because I'm actually dealing with stuff instead of just ignoring it. Could be the hormones. Anyways...

I've mentioned before that I'm awesome. In no order, probably leaving stuff out:

- I can deal with a large amount of shit at once, more than the average person.
- I don't really get stressed out.
- I can fix a wide variety of things.
- I have good spelling.
- I can get along with anybody if I want to.
- I am good at board games.
- I am much more athletic and coordinated than I should be for somebody who has a sedentary lifestyle.
- I eat unhealthily but don't put on weight. Somehow I lost 20 lbs last year without trying.
- I have thick skin.
- I'm smart.
- I can usually learn something new fairly quickly.
- I'm strong.
- I have a higher than average pain tolerance.
- I don't panic in emergency-type situations.
- I can be organised in some situations.

There are probably more that I can't think of at the moment. Next time I'll do a flaws list. I wonder if that one will be shorter.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Yay, done another semester!

I just finished my practicum semester of my teaching program. I'm very pleased. I've only got one semester left now. I will be applying to school districts next week.

I hope I can get hired in a district on the correct side of the Port Mann. I could more easily get hired in certain other districts that are growing, but then they would be less "accommodating" and supportive of me when I transition.

So really, it's less important for me to get a full-time teaching job than being in a better school district. I will be keeping my job at the grocery store(I can transfer to another one) because I get paid well and I get benefits, which I won't as a teacher on call.

I am out to my Faculty Associate at the university. She's completely cool with it. She is going to find out how it will work with me changing my name. After all, my references and evaluations all have my current name.

Speaking of names, I had to renew my driver's licence recently. I knew that BC had changed the style of licences, but I had never seen one. Not only are you not allowed to smile, but the picture is in black and white and fuzzy. But the worst part is that the gender marker is now on the front.

My plans are to completely restart almost everything. I want to get a subsitute teacher position perhaps in Burnaby or New West. I plan to move for September of this year if I get a job. Moving would be necessary working as a sub since I wouldn't be able to make it to the school on time after getting called since I live so far away. I will transfer stores which will also make it easier to actually be at work. Right now it is hard. I will start practicing make-up, voice etc. I don't feel safe here doing that. I am not sure when I would start RLE, perhaps over Xmas break.

For some reason I am optimistic even though I know it will be hard. I'm usually the pessimist type. But hey, it's hard now.