Sunday, January 18, 2009

Comments enabled

Ok, I figured out how to allow for anonymous comments in the blog settings

I know I would be much less likely to comment on something if I had to reveal myself.


Ok, well I told my wife that I was unsure that I wanted to become a teacher. Surprisingly enough, she didn't freak out; I was pleasantly surprised.

Next über-personal thing that I tell her ought to be that I'm going to seek a therapist. I'll announce that when it happens... :P

I think I'll just pick up the phone book or something. Yes, I am about about the Vancouver Coastal Health's trans programs and stuff and the Three Bridges thing. But I'd want a therapist closer to where I live. (Also, I think the free therapist there is like only available every second Tuesday or something like that.)

On that note, can somebody give a ballpark figure for cost per session? (I'm sure that there can be a great deal of variation, but I'd like to know a guess.)

I've just noticed that all I write in this blog is rambling and barely coherent. Sorry.


Véronique said...

Not a bad idea to start with Three Bridges. Their staff person is a counsellor, though, not a psychotherapist, just so you know, but she is a sweetheart and very easy to talk to.

Check with Family Services of Greater Vancouver for more long-term therapy. The wait is kind of long, but they will help you for a sliding scale fee. Otherwise, private therapy runs roughly between $120 and $160 an hour.

I am still more than willing to be a listener for you. Seriously. I'm just reluctant to leave my email address here because I don't know how often you check. I would want to delete it after you saw it. Maybe you could pop by my blog and leave yours. I would see it quickly, get the address, and delete the comment.

Marie Soleil said...

ok, I'll just leave my email here. I created an email just for trans stuff so that there is no overlap for anything. (I also make sure that there is absolutely nothing trans related on my hard drive)

well I think anybody would be able to figure out what to remove from the above address in order for it to work.

I'll start checking it. I would appreciate an email listener very much, so tia.(thanks in advance)