Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I got served

A bailiff visited me this evening to bring me a "writ of summons" a.k.a. divorce papers.

If I'm reading everything correctly, I can file paperwork within seven days to fight it. I think if I do nothing the divorce will happen.

I'm surprisingly not too upset about it right now. I realise I'm totally not over H, but I'm at about 50% acceptance of the fact that it's over. But I still get upset. A couple days ago I was looking at my boxes of children's books and I unexpectedly found flash cards that I had made in 2007. This made me cry. H had helped me study for the final. This is also significant because it was my last semester in my BA and also when I discovered my trans nature. (before H knew about it)

I am pleased to be getting over her, but it isn't easy.


On an unrelated note, I wish summer were over. I'm looking forward to being able to move out in September. I'll be working as much as possible on the night shift to help make this happen. I didn't bother to book vacation this year - first time since 2003. Since I'm part time, I don't get paid vacations, I just get a lump sum in January.

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