Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Moving along

I saw my GP today.

I was hoping to get some kind of referral or direction to get into therapy. So, I obviously had to explain why. When the medical office assistant asked the reason for my visit, I said that it was private", and she accepted that. So, when I told my doctor that the reason I wanted therapy was because I thought I might be transsexual, he didn't even blink. He asked similar questions as what he would ask if my knee were hurting me. I was very impressed. He's in his mid sixties at least, and this is a federal riding that always votes Conservative. He didn't seem uncomfortable asking if I had ever been in a "gay relationship." He even used the word "transition" in a sentence.

He took notes based on what I said and he's going to send a letter to the Gender Dysphoria clinic at Vancouver General. So, that sounds promising. Somehow, I'll get some therapy. This is the only time in my life during which I strongly feel that therapy is necessary. Benjamin Standards aside, I cannot deal with this on my own. I'm too confused, and this is a major issue.


Justine said...

Yay! Good for you to just say what you needed to say, and good for your doctor getting you the help you need. It will be good to talk to a therapist. I went for too long without it, but I was certainly glad when I started.

Marie Soleil said...

I realise that I'm probably in the early stages of "this", whatever that may be.
I'm glad to get the chance to talk to somebody who will know what kind of questions to ask me, to get me to figure out what I actually feel and desire.