Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I've never really made New Year's resolutions before. I never saw the point of deluding myself into thinking that I'd actually fulfil them. So, these resolutions are going to be practical, not overly optimistic.

- I'm need to start seeing a therapist. I've got the name of a local therapist with some experience with gender issues. I know that a therapist isn't going to tell me what I should do, but a therapist will ask questions and help me work through my issues. I think therapy is essential to make any progress with this TS stuff.

- I'm going to tell my wife that "I think I might be TS." We're pretty close, and involved. That means I can't get away with saying that I'm going to start going to therapy, but refusing to explain the reason.

- I'm going to buy at least one femme "outfit."

- I'm going to go out en femme at least once.

I think I can realistically fulfil those resolutions. I'd be happy if I could do more than those, which I'm consider a bare minimum. Realistically, I don't want to set timeline goals for starting HRT, or RLE, or anything like that.

Random related middle school experiences that I remember:

I had more than one pair of pink Converse All-Stars. (Remember those?) This would have been about Grades 6-8, I think. I went shopping with my parents, because they paid for clothes. I don't remember them trying to convince me not to get them. But I wanted them, and I don't think they said that they were too girly. When the first pair wore out, I got another. I don't remember being made fun of for wearing pink shoes.

Once, in Grade 9 or 10, a girl in my class said that she considered me "one of the girls". I remember being pleased and not at all embarrassed.

In Grade 10, a female friend said that I had great legs and said that she would bring some heels for me to try on. I did have nice naturally hairless legs, and I liked trying on her "strappy" heels that one lunchtime. I was at that time a slightly built 100 pound boy who barely needed to shave every two weeks, who, being a late bloomer, had perfectly clear skin with no acne.

This blog thing is fun. I keep thinking of things to write in it. But this is all for now.


Ariel said...

Converse All-Stars are back. I have a pair of pink ones to go with my old original blue and light blue ones. I love my pink Chucks. :)

Marie Soleil said...

They're back? Cool. I was just watching I, Robot the other day and Will Smith's character proudly bragged about his pair, "ca. 2004".

I also had a cool pair in Grade 8, so about 1994. They were a nifty checkered pattern.